Micro-Current Facial Toning

One of the major causes of facial aging is the gradual loss of tone and resiliency of over 30 supporting muscles. Research has proven that as we age, collagen and elastin fibers become less effective at supporting the skin. Our faces gradually lose the ability to spring back from physical stresses like sleep lines, expressions, and gravity.

Facial skin is attached directly to the underlying muscles. As each muscle loses tone and begins to sag, the attached skin sags as well creating lines, tired looking eyes, sags and bags- all unwelcome signs of age.

Because of the way skin and muscles are connected, facial muscles cannot be strengthened by conventional exercise, Functional Neuro-muscular Stimulation, more commonly known as Micro-current Toning is the only known method of retraining and toning of facial muscles.

Micro-current Facial Toning....Fitness for your face.
This rejuvenating process that was originally developed to heal damaged muscles and nerves, strengthens and tones each muscle, helping to reduce wrinkles, lines, sags and bags.

We use a small amount of electrical energy that causes each muscle to gently contract and expand. This causes each muscle to regain tone and lift. As the muscles lift, the attached skin lifts as well, smoothing the skin.

Clinical studies have also confirmed that this gentle yet effective therapy increases collagen producing cells, circulation and oxygenation, and promotes a general Improvement in tissue health, function and appearance.

Safe/ Soothing
All treatments are done by a licensed paramedical esthetician in a private and relaxed atmosphere. In fact, the treatments are so relaxing that many people fall asleep. Our Micro-current Toning is completely safe, non-invasive, and risk free-never any pain or discomfort.

Refreshing/ Nourishing/ Revitalizing
A specific electrical wave form also functions as a targeted delivery system, enabling us to direct pure hypo-allergenic nutrients deep into skin where they can be used to fortify, creating a more balanced moisture content and to enhance your skins inherent ability to regenerate healthy new cells.

Immediate/ Lasting
You will see and feel immediate results which become more evident as your series progresses. Although individual needs very, a minimum of four treatments will be recommended. Then booster treatments once a month will maintain you were refreshed appearance.

The therapeutic nature of our Micro-current Toning actually deters future signs of aging by conditioning muscles and promoting and prove tissue health and function. You won't look like you've had a facelift, you look like you don't need one!

Give Your Face A Lift Without Surgery, Look 5-10 Years Younger Now!

Reverse the visible signs of aging with our Micro-current Facial Toning. It does for your face what no cream could ever do: get guaranteed results where it really counts- below the skin. Your face and neck become tighter, better toned, and your skin glows!

Clinical trials show increased firmness and improved facial muscle strength in just for weekly visits. Facial Toning uses the same resistance as sit-ups do for the stomach muscles.

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Your face, chin, neck and skin will feel tighter and look younger. Unsurpassed in restoring muscle shape, tone and elasticity; it creates lift and glowing skin!
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